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     These charts show how changes to your rear end gears will affect your car.
     This chart shows the differences in 0-60, 1/4 mile, etc. times between the different rear end ratios.
Gear Comparison

     These charts show the MPH at different RPMs.
3.08 Rear End
3.27 Rear End
3.55 Rear End
3.73 Rear End
4.10 Rear End

     Below is an image that will show you how to do your own conversions. I will work on getting some rear-end ratio and transmission ratios up shortly.

Mr5oh's Gear Chart - (Excel Required) - Simply enter your tire size, transmission ratios, and rear end raito; and this spread sheet calculates your speed at any RPM. A text file is included, giving details on how to use the gear chart, and default transmission ratios, rear end ratios, and tire sizes, for various years of Mustangs. Download Zip File (7 KB)
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