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Mustang Background

BMP - 1.51 MB
JPG - 200 KB

     This background was designed in 1024x768 but will work in 1280x1024 with no distortion, using the strech to fit option. The BMP version is a bitmap and is slightly high quality than the JPG.

Mustang Videos and WAV Files

     Until I get more up I highly recomend checking out these two things:
  • 15 sec MPEG with sound - This video is of my 91 GT, two complete 360s, lots of tire smoke, and that Mustang sound, makes me smile everytime. The file is roughly 3.85 MB, but is worth the download. Before I recieve any emails about this being reckless, this was done on private property. Play: 360_1low.mpg - 3.85 MB
  • 25 sec WAV file - This is a wave file of Rons radical 89 LX going through a sharp "S" shaped turn then very hard acceleration out. Play: 2nd.wav -199 KB


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