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Mr5oh's Mustang Page

     Sorry for the missed update, yesterday while I was heading towards work, I totaled my 1987 Escort GT. Seat Belts do work and they save lives. I went to pass a semi, and cut back over, but apparantely I cut back to hard and started fish tailing. I recovered once and partially another, but slide off the road into a grass emabankment, and the car started doing cart-wheels. The truck drivers that I was passing stopped and called the ambulance. One of the truck drivers got me a blanket and informed me that my shoulder was bleeding badly. By that time a off duty paramedic had gotten there and was holding my head incase I had broken my neck. To make this short, I got out of the emergency room 10 hours later, with a concussion, bunch of stiches in my shoulder, and less one car. I hope to get a picture up shortly. The paramedics could not believe that was all I got from a wreck that bad, seat belts do work.

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