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dave   3-13-00
nice site, i like it a lot.
Ken SMITH coming soon 2-06-00
Hi,Mike your site is one of the best I've ever seen and I view a lot of sites on mustang Love those stang's
Aaron Aaron's Page 1-11-00
Love Mustangs and your page is great!
Tanya N/A 12-19-99
Hey Michael, your page is very entertaining, almost as entertaining as you.
Keith Cole N/A 10-23-99
been looking at mustang sites for 3 months now. this is the best. the best info for me in your tech section. 87 convertible 5.0
Brian Davis N/A 9-26-99
Great page! Thanks for the tech info.
PwrByFord5_0 PwrByFord5_0's Homepage 8-21-99
Nice page!
Ryan Carr Ryan's Page 7-19-99
Hey, coolpage, Look At My Page I Am Restoring A 66 Mustang.
Thanks Ryan Carr
Doug Dalrymple N/A 6-12-99
Nice page layout. I am not a Mustang owner but have a friend that is nuts about 'em. (still workin' on him though.) I like them cause they are fun to race against my 2.6L Chrysler Conquest TSi. I just wanted to find out what you "Ford guys" are up to and found your site very enjoyable in my search. Best wishes and keep it shiny side up!
Casey N/A 5-29-99
Mike the color IZ BLUE
I am at home and it IZ BLUE
Rob N/A 5-28-99
. . .love your page Mike!
Eli Eli's Page for Demigods 5-20-99
Mike you suck
Show Dina my picture
Mr5oh Mr5oh's Mustang Page 5-18-99
Setting an example