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     I opened the door to my red Mustang and started it up, shifted into reverse, and let out the clutch, and backed out of the driveway. I revved the engine up just enough to hear the tires chirp as I started to drive down the road. I was cruising about 45 mph till I stopped for a stop sign to exit the neighborhood. Turned my left turned signal on and made a left. I shifted into 2nd gear relativity quickly and wound it out to about 4400 rpm before going directly to 4th gear. Cruising at about 55 mph I down shifted to 3rd gear to make my right turn onto a back country road. As I made the turn the rear end slid just slightly as the tires squealed but I corrected and wond the car out to 4500 rpm and shifted into 4th gear. The car was running about 4500 rpm and about 110 mph, I was trying to get it warmed up. I went around a gentle right turn and shifted into neutral to begin stopping for the stop sign coming up. I waited for the Camaro to pass and made a right in the same direction. Only I stayed in the left lane and revved 1st out to 6100 rpm and shifted into 2nd and the tires gave a healthy squeal, again hit redline and I slammed the gear shift into 3rd and passed the Camaro. With 3rd gear at 4500 rpm I shifted into 4th gear for the hard right hand turn coming up. As I approached the turn I downshifted into 3rd and started turning the wheel at about 85 mph the tires squealed all the way through the corner but, the tires stayed glued to the ground. Coming out of the corner I revved 3rd out to redline and shifted into 4th gear quick enough to here a chirp of the tires. I revved 4th gear out to about 4500 rpm and shifted into 5th gear and was cruising at about 3000 rpm and about 105 mph. After accelerating to 115 mph I downshifted into 4th gear for the left turn onto another back country road. Bringing the car almost to a stop, due to the gravel on the turn, I made the left turn downshifted into 1st. The tires broke lose kicking the rear end out slightly. As the engine approached 6000 rpm I shifted into 2nd gear again with the tires spinning. when the engine hit 6200 rpm I shifted into 3rd to here a chirp of the tires. I accelerated to 105 and shifted into 5th gear. As I approached an short left followed by a short right turn. I downshifted into 3rd gear just in case the extra torque was needed. With a light amount of throttle the car went through the corners with ease. I was accelerating up to 115 mph before I downshifted into 3rd, where the engine was just under redline, to slow the car down for the stop sign ahead. Applying the brakes hard caused the rear of the car to slide out to the right just slightly. At the stop I made a right turn, stopped, put the car in neutral, revved the engine up to 1500 rpm, shifted into 1st, and let out the clutch. The tachometer instantly reached redline, with burnt rubber smell being quite abundant now, I shifted into second. The shift caused the rear end to kick out to the right more than first gear did. As the tach hit 6000 rpm I shifted into 3rd the tires spun shortly but finally hooked up and I accelerated 90 mph. Approaching a hard left followed by a hard right turn I applied the brakes to bring the car down to 75. The tires squealed all the way through the left hand curve but stayed glued to the road. By this time the car had slowed down to 65 mph prompting a downshift into 2nd gear. Midway through the right corner I applied full throttle hit redline and shifted into 3rd exiting the corner. I accelerated to 6000 rpm and shifted into 4th gear, were I applied throttle to 120 mph. I shifted into 5th to cruise down the long straight. As I was coming up to a kink in the road I downshifted to 4th gear to slow the car down. By the time the car was down to 100 mph I was approaching the kink. Just for fun I jerked the wheel hard left, the car's rear end slid out to the right. I corrected and the car recovered and I hit the brakes hard to stop for the stop sign. As the car slowed to 65 mph the wheels locked up under the brake pressure and the rear end of the car slid just slightly. As the car came to a hault I turned left and coasted up to the start line of a quarter mile marked off on the road. I put the car in first gear, let out the clutch, and put the gas pedal to the floor. The Front end rose slightly as the tires started spinning. The tach hit 6200 rpm and I shifted into 2nd and the tires squealed. The tires finally stuck at 4400 rpm. I accelerated alll the way to 6200 rpm and shifted into 3rd, with the sound of a very healthy chirp. The car quickly was at redline, as I crossed the end mark I was shifting into 4th gear and doing about 115 mph. I continued acclerating to 120 mph and then shifted into neutral. I coasted till the car had slowed to 85 mph, at which time I applied the brakes to stop for the stop signI turned on my left turn signal. I looked at the road and no one was coming so I pulled out onto thew road at about 5 mph, straighten the car out, and floored it.The tires spun and the smoke started to rise in the rear view mirror. As the car approached redline I shifted into 2nd were I had to feather the throttle to get the tires to stop spinning. As the tires hooked up the car quickly hit redline prompting a shift into 3rd the tires chirped and I acclerated to 80 mph and shifted into neutral to make the turn back into the nieghborhood. I approached the right turn into the neighborhood at about 60 mph. Turning the wheel hard to make the turn caused the rear end to slide out sideways. I corrected and downshifted into 2nd and acclerated to redline and shifted into 3rd, making sure the car was being as loud and abonoxius as possible to make the neighborhood cop-wanna-be mad. After I was around the corner I shifted into neutral and applied the brakes to pull into the driveway.
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