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Mr5oh's Newsletter
Letter Number 5
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Today's topic: The return of the SVO? Below
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FRT FR500 Mustang

          Well I think most of us have heard of the FRT FR500 Ford Mustang. When I first started hearing about it, it was being refered to as a Ford Motorsport Mustang. I was hoping it was the return of the SVO. The FRT in its name stands for Ford Racing Technology. On the bright side it is the return of the 5.0. Ford Racing starts out with a 4.6 liter and bores it out to a 5.0.

          This Mustang is powerful enough to compete with a Saleen S-351. The FR500 makes 415 horsepower at 6800 RPM. The redline is reached at 7000 RPM with the fuel shut-off at 7200 RPM. Inside is a forged crankshaft with forged aluminum pistons (Rods are stock Cobra 4.6 Liter). This 5.0 also does some serious breathing through dual 70mm throttle bodies followed by dual 80mm mass air sensors. The intake manifold is made of cast magnesium. All this power is put to the ground by a 295/35/18 tire in the rear and a 265/35/18 tire in the front.

          The FRT FR500 is also capable of some hard cornering. It has a "perfect" 50/50 weight distribution. Now with that much power and lateral acceleration the FR500 also needs some stopping power. The stopping power is achieved using 14" Brembo rotors (vented and cross drilled, of course) in the front and 13" Brembo rotors in the rear.

          Of course they is also a high-tech audio system to go along with the powertrain. There is a complete JBL sound system complete with voice prompt navigation and a 10 sub woofer (600 watts).

          Now I know most of you have probably seen the estimates on the 0-60, 1/4 Mile, and top speed. I have, however, a more complete list that has not been released yet.

FRT FR500 Mustang

Test Result / Time
0-30 MPH 1.6
0-40 MPH 2.2
0-50 MPH 3.5
0-60 MPH 4.5
0-70 MPH 5.4
0-80 MPH 7.3
0-90 MPH 8.6
0-100 MPH 10.1
0-100 FT 2.7
0-500 FT 7.1
1/4 Mile 12.8
Trap Speed 114.3 MPH
Top Speed 183.8 MPH

          The above results are achieved by shifting at the fuel shut-off (7200 RPM) up until 4th Gear. Shifting at redline (7000 RPM) will get the same results but a 111 MPH trap speed.

          Well I know that is short and to the point but, if you have any questions or think I am wrong on something E-mail me and I will return your letter within 2 days. (Most E-mails are responded to the same day)

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