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Mr5oh's Newsletter
Letter Number 3
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Ok todays topic, recently I have added a vote question on the main page that asks "Who would you buy a car from first ?". Below
So who is better

Today there are many companies that modify Mustangs. Today I am going to explain what Saleen, Steeda, Kenny Brown, and Roush do to their models. I am going to compare the top performance models form these companies.

Ok now first off my information on Roush is limited. I know their Stage2 Mustang is supposed to make roughly 25 extra horsepower over stock and has a Roush suspension and wheels. I know that a supercharger is optional but I couldn't find any numbers.

Ok so what does Saleen do to their S-351 ? Well under the hood there is a SVO 351 block with Saleen pistons, rods, crank, heads, intake, and cam. Then the S-351 is force fed some air through a Speedlab supercharger (made by Vortech). Saleen then adds there own suspension, body peices, brakes, and wheels. This car can have a six speed transmission. After all the taxs a Saleen S-351 will cost you roughly $61,669.

Next the Steeda Q. The Steeda Q has the most horsepower and is the cheapest ($40,675 after taxes) with the exception of the Roush Mustang. The Steeda Q also uses the SVO 351. Steeda also use the SVO GT40 intake, 65mm throttle body, SVO heads, and obvisuly high flow exhaust. This car is also has various suspension pieces, body peices, Cobra R brakes, and wheels.

The Kenny Brown 289RS Cobra uses the 4.6 Liter and bores it out to a 289, hence 289RS. The 289RS engine is basically stock with the exception of the 11 psi Vortech. Kenny Brown does some small things such as a windage tray but, the main feature is the Suspension. Though the 289RS will cost you, after taxes, $67,500 and has the least amount of horsepower with the Kenny Brown suspension I'd bet on this car in a road race. The 289RS is also supposed to be a highly reliable car.

Ok now what you really want the numbers

Car Horsepower Torque
Saleen S-351 495 @ 5700 490 @ 3500
Steeda Q 550 @ 5200 535 @ 5000
289RS Cobra 450 @ 6550 400 @ 5000

Performance Numbers

Car 0-60 0-100 1/4 Mile
Saleen S-351 4.3 9.2 12.5 @ 115.7
Steeda Q 4.1 8.7 12.3 @ 118.6
289RS Cobra 4.4 10.4 12.8 @ 114.3

Overall:With all these cars, with the exception of the Roush, you are not going to have to worry about being out run by a $200,000 exotic. They all have the own good and bad points

Steeda Q: The Steeda Q is great deal at only $40,675, if you don't care about drivability or durability. The Steeda Q will out accelerate almost anything from 0-200 mph. In my opinion the Steeda Q is a race car but, I would still gladly drive it everyday.
Saleen S-351: Though the Saleen is more expensive, in return you get a realiable car. Saleen Mustangs have been as realiable as a stock Mustang since the first Saleen in 1984. If you want performance done right the Saleen is your car.
Kenny Brown 289RS Cobra: I think overall the Kenny Brown Mustang could have bettered its times without the 4.10 gears. Though the 289RS looks almost like a stock Mustang it will keep up with anything on the street with its high-revving 289. This car would definitly out-run the others in a road race though. Overall if you want sure-footed Mustang the 289RS Cobra is for you.
Roush Stage 2: Ok as you have noticed I have pretty much not talked about Roush. They do offer two models, Stage1 and Stage2, these cars are both cheaper than any of the rest. I don't have enough information on either Roush Mustang to give an opinion. If you have Info about either Stage1 or Stage2 please send it to me.

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