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Mr5oh's Newsletter
Letter Number 1

Ok first off let me start off by saying thanks to all who subscribed to the mailing list, and the few who voted. Your responses are what make all this work worth while. Next I left out a "/form" in my main page so anyone who answered the "Do you like the new page" box was automatically added to the mailing list, if you do not wish to recieve this letter
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So how many of you have seen the new Kenny Brown Windstar? Didn't know he made one ? It is nice, almost makes me want to drive a mini van. It is powered by a supercharged 12-valve V-6 (3.8 Liter). Iron block alumminum heads. Though it looks basically stock with the exception of the wheels and the 2-inch exhaust coming out the back, it makes 250 horsepower at 4750 rpm and 280 foot pounds of torque at 4600 rpm. Though this obvisuly isn't the fastest thing from Kenny Brown but, it does 0-60 mph in 8.8 sec and covers the quarter mile in 16.8 sec at 83 mph, not to bad for a fully loaded mini van. Fully loaded you ask ? Yes leather Recaros', GPS navigation, two TVs' (front and back), 6 disc cd changer, and the list keeps going. Though it cost Kenny Brown $62,630 to produce this one, would be $44,385 if he can produce them. It also be talked about swapping the 3.8 V-6 for a 4.2 V-6.
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Ok next I am not sure how many of you get Car and Driver but, the July isse has an article about modifying their Mustang test car. It is not up on the internet yet, I will have the address up if they put it up but, anyways. They started out with a 1997 Mustang GT, every option, including the 3.27 rear-end. I think they could have done much better. With no mods the Mustang did 0-60 in 6.8 seconds and the quarter-mile in 15.4 at 90 mph. The first modifications they did was underdrive pulleys, headers, and a 70mm throttle body. With these modifications the car did 0-60 in 6.3 secs and the quarter mile in 14.9 sec at 93 mph. Next they added new heads (they didn't say what kind but judging from the numbers they could have done better), intake, and a new ECU (computer chip). The car did 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and the quarter mile in 14.2 sec at 100 mph. Next they tried just a supercharger and headers, I have no ideal why they took everything else off. The car did 0-60 in 4.9 seconds and the quarter in 13.6 seconds at 103 mph. Finally what I don't understand is that they complained about the price when they paid Roush way to much to put the pieces on, a total of $2,610. Next they, in my opinoin, should never have bought the computer setup. In my opinion purchasing a computer chip makes now sense. I can get under the hood adjust the timing and feul mixture with a wrench and do the same thing others spend $250 for. Now don't get me wrong I do think if you have a chip custom made for your setup it will make a difference, but, lets face it how many of us know someone who can custom program or make a computer chip ?
Modifications 0-60 1/4 Mile
Underdrive pulleys,
throttle body
6.3 14.9 @ 93 mph
Heads, intake,
pulleys, ECU, and
5.5 14.2 @ 100 mph
and headers
4.9 13.6 @ 103 mph

Oh well that's it for now.

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