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My Motor Buildup


     Above was the motor that was in my 1991 GT when I purchased it, with 213,000 miles on it. At 225,000 miles I pulled it out and started disassembling it. I was quite suprised that even after 225,000 hard driven miles, it still had good compression, and really didn't show excessive wear anywhere. The motor probably would have been good for quite a few more miles.


     Everything is actually Medium Ford Blue, and not the sky blue that it appears in the picture. Everything was assembled using all new bolts from ARP.
  • Brand new 302 Short block, bored 0.030
  • Ford Motorsports Windage Tray
  • F303 Camshaft
  • Edelbrock Performer RPM Alumminum Cylinder Heads
  • 1.6 Alumminum Roller Rockers
  • Cobra Upper and lower intake, 5/8" Spacer
  • 65 MM Throttle body
  • 73 MM MAS
  • 24# Injectors



     The picture above is with 13,000 miles on it.
© 1998 Michael Lee
© 2004 Michael Lee