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Welcome Mr5oh's Mustang Page. This page is dedicated to Mustang fans. This page was created by Mike Lee. All pictures here were hand drawn by me, including animations. The recent emblems added were scanned by me. The sound files in the multimedia section (with the exception of "I can't drive 55") were recorded from my dads 89 LX, he reserves all rights to them. I reserve all rights to the pictures and text on this site. If you have any comments about this site please send them to

All information available on this site is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If you believe I have inaccurate information please send your comments to Also keep in mind that the statistics here are based on a completely stock car, no adjusted timing, mufflers, etc. Your times may vary from what is here depending on how and where you release the clutch and the way you shift.

If you have any other questions send them to