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   Any lifter will tick if the valvetrain is not properly adjusted, roller or otherwise. The ticking will normally not hurt anything, though it can be somewhat annoying. Wear on the valve train parts eventually eliminates the preload on the lifters which then results in the lifters ticking. To get rid of the ticking (assuming the lifters themselves are okay) requires longer pushrods, thinner shims under the rocker assemblies, or new parts to replace the worn parts, which ever is applicable. The factory rockers and pushrods are the wear items in the factory valve train.    If you still have the factory stamped steel rockers, the best way to get rid of your ticking is to buy a set of roller rockers and install them adjusted so to eliminate the play (provide the proper lifter preload) which is causing the ticking noise. The Crane Cobra rockers come with shims to adjust the preload on the lifters. With those, you should be able to eliminate the ticking.

   Roller lifters and cams are a huge plus to power and fuel economy. They do limit your RPM to about 6250 because fo the weight of the roller lifter, but otherwise they are great, especially for a street car.

   If you go away from the roller lifters, you must also replace the camshaft at the same time. Compared to the roller cam and lifters, you will lose power and economy with flat tappet lifters unless you are running a very radical flat tappet cam. Roller lifters and cams are highly recommended for virtually any application, they generally improve power and economy at the same time.

Ron Lee