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     Got any thoughts or opinions ? Post them here. As long as the comments are not rude, you may post anything you want, even if you think the Camaro is the greatest car ever (Of course I will respond with a polite message and give you my opinion).
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Chris i need help!!! 3-16-00
hey! I have a 89 lx 4 cyl. and i am only getting like 120 miles on a tank. I have added a new air filter, plugs and wires, and removed the catalytic copnverter.It is burniong gas and it is coming out the tail pipe. What can i do to adjust the fuel flow or something?!?!?! I need Help!!! I also need some new ways to geet more power from my wee lil i-4 please!!!!
You need to have your engine diagnosed. To find out is wrong, I sent you an E-mail, asking if you had checked your timing and high many miles your car had on it ? Mike.

mike speedometer problems 3-16-00
i have a 1990 ford mustang gt. I have done quite a bit of stuff to it and the speedometer is messed up. I just had a new speedometer cable put in but now it fluctuates and does not read anything above 15 miles and hour. Please try to give me some idea of what could be wrong. Thanks Mike
I don't think your speedometer cable was installed right. I would re-check it. Ron.

Matt D. Shims 12-06-99
I removed my upper a arms on my 65 stang In doing so I lost the shims that where behind them for the camber and or toe in toe out. The book I have dosen't tell me vary much exp. Take it to a dealer! are these shims the same on all 65's and how thick should they be? I striped the frunt end and had it all painted so there isn't any thing on there exp. the lower arms and frunt sway bar.
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/kei Engine Swap 11-18-99
I recently bought a 2.3LX and want to swap the engine to either a 306 or a 351. I know I have to upgrade the exhaust, headers, block (obviously), the computer, intake manifold, fuel injectors, and the air intake. Is there anything major that I'm missing (I realize that I need a new cam, timing chain, and the other bits that go in the block). Thanks!
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92LX Roller Rockers 11-18-99
Why do roller rockers sometimes have a tendency to "tick"? I am hesitating to swap out because of this possibility. Please advise.
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Viper7585 Opinions 10-15-99
Hey, your site is awesome, especially the engine sounds. I used to be a Camaro fanatic, but, there are a lot of girls that like mustangs, and they are totally cool.