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Mr5oh's Mustang Page

Gone in 60 Seconds

This one of the greatest car movies ever. Period. The movie is about Maindrian Pace who is an insurance investagator. Well actually he steals cars hence an quote from an ad:
You can lock your car
But if he wants it...
It's gone in 60 Seconds
Ok but back to why this is news. They are going to do a remake of this movie. This movie could be better than before, it will star Nicolas Cage and it has an 80 million plus budget. The orginal movie was 100 minutes long, 40 minutes was an excellent chase seen involving a 1973 Ford Mustang. The movie also completely destroyed a total of 93 cars.
If you haven't seen the orginal you are missing out. My suggestion is go see the remake when it is done, I will without a doubt be there opening night.

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